The Piece of Indestructible EP was released twelve days ago, but I had just got it a few days ago and gave it a few dozen listens. Now, lemme start off with this much. This EP was honestly a disappointment. Being a huge Glitch Mob fan, and someone who absolutely loved (no pun intended) their second album: Love Death Immortality, I’m seriously disappointed.

Okay, let me try to write out for you what is wrong with what could’ve been an EP as legendary as We Could Make the World Stop. Picture this, it’s been over a year since your favorite video game was released, and new downloadable content is out for said game. Now, it could either be something totally unique and cool to add onto the experience of the game itself (See: Drink the Sea and We Could Make the World Stop), or it could be some garbage that adds nothing to the experience of the original game and manages to be worse than the game it’s built on. The ladder of the two options is the best way to compare the dynamic between Love Death Immortality and Piece of the Indestructible.

At the surface, especially if you’re not an avid listener of The Glitch Mob, you won’t see much wrong except for a few things, but for me, it feels like everything is wrong. For starters, the first song on the EP, “Head Full of Shadows”, sounds like a dance track demo that belongs on a b-side of a vinyl single. It sounds like it’s the second half of an unfinished track, immediately beginning with a few saws and some flimsy buildup. The drums are almost non-existent in the track, which is something that is a very important characteristic of Glitch Mob’s sounds. And, speaking of non-existent, the whole album sounds like someone left a high-pass on it by accident when they submitted the tracks to their label, the label just went with it.  Of course to the untrained ear you’d think there is plenty of bass, but when I play “Skullclub” (On the album Love Death Immortality), I can feel the bass going through the floor on some bass-heavy speakers I have. But then when I play “Head Full of Shadows,” it lacks any sort of rumble or power that the album did. When a group known for killing it in terms of their basslines, can’t deliver on their bassline, they have failed their EP.

The Glitch Mob at a live performance. Image Taken from their Facebook page.

The Glitch Mob at a live performance. Image Taken from their Facebook page.

Now, I know plenty of you will say “Well what if they’re trying something different?” Well, that’s where you’re unfortunately wrong. The entire EP is completely influenced from their previous sounds, there is (for the most part) nothing really new or fresh, which is honestly saddening. They’ve always done something unique, but now they resort to doing something that is quite honestly repetitive.

Moving onto the second track, “Better Hide, Better Run.” This track is slightly better than the first, although the same fundamental problems lie here as well. It sounds like a more tame version of “Skullclub” (again, from Love Death Immortality), and honestly being tame is something that The Glitch Mob should never have to be accused of. And, again, the what should be powerful bass seemed lacking for what is an otherwise not-so-special track. Now, on the other hand they do try out some Venetian Snares-type of drums, with a few complex drum patterns scattered here and there, although they last about two seconds each. Otherwise, the track feels very empty, again compared to most other Glitch Mob tracks, which is consistently the most upsetting part about this EP.

Now, I’ll leave the last part of the review with a high note. The final track, “The Clouds Breath for You,” is a track that I really love. That is because it’s the only unique track on this EP, and gives off a totally different feel to it. It’s vibes remind me of “Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul” (from Drink the Sea), yet it has sounds and rhythms reminiscent of Love Death Immortality, yet with a much darker and more mysterious feel that isn’t comparable to either album. It doesn’t have a typical sound or distinction associated with The Glitch Mob, and maybe that’s why I adore this track so much. It has such a unique vibe that it almost is almost worth getting the EP for that track alone.

Overall, as I expressed, this EP disappointed me. It made me sad to see that The Glitch Mob has somewhat fell into the trap of being repetitive like many EDM artists have been doing as of recent. I just hope, as a fan of their work, they sort out the problems present in this EP and move forward to make a new and unique album, as they did with Drink the Sea and Love Death Immortality. With that said, if you want to listen to the EP, you can listen below, or follow this link to the EP.


Review - Piece of the Indestructible EP by The Glitch Mob
"Piece of the Indestructible" is a massively disappointing EP, with only one high point to keep it barely afloat.
The Good
  • 'The Clouds Breath for You' is an amazingly composed original track, something the rest of the EP should have followed
The Bad
  • The EP, especially compared to other works from The Glitch Mob, is very repetitive
  • The songs lack any sort of impact that The Glitch Mob usually strives in
50%Overall Score


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