From Envision Recordings comes the new single by Enfire, “Redemption.” This song is an absolute beast, starting off with a powerful and harsh buildup, followed by an intense and glitchy drop filled with in-your-face synths and pounding drums. The drop is followed by a mix of orchestral parts and synths, with drums softly building up the drums, as the lead slowly fades in and energizes the track, following a second, and even more boom-y drop. The song finishes off with a long outro, slowly calming down the power of the song, as another build follows, leaving the listener with a soft crash at the end. Overall, this powerful and energizing electro house track is one to listen to, and one I personally have on repeat. You can also download the song for free via the Envision Recordings Soundcloud.

Listen to the song below, or follow this link to the track.



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