Dannic’s music is a new wave of perfection. With enormous support from number 1 DJ Hardwell, Dannic is set to have a huge impact on the scene with his original works and entertaining sets. Originating from Breda (birthplace of Hardwell and Tiësto) Dannic (Daan Romers) already has music flowing through his blood, anyone born in Breda is almost guaranteed to be a musician.

Dannic has outdone himself with tracks such as ‘Wait For You’ with Shermanology, ‘Dear Life’ & ‘Forever’ with Bright Lights and his edit of ‘Golden Hearts’, overall he has produced some of the highlights from his home label Revealed Recordings. I cannot name another member of the Revealed family who has released this many notable tracks on Revealed.

Dannic’s latest release is the crowd pleasing vocal powerhouse that is ‘Forever’. Teaming up with Bright Lights was the right thing to do as their past record ‘Dear Life’ was very successful. The vocals from Bright Light are on point, perfectly matching the instrumental and creating a great build up to the second drop. the punchiness of the drop creates a blasting sound that makes you want to move. The melodies reside in your memory so you can hum them hours later, exactly what your looking for in a dance track. Dannic has done it right with ‘Forever’.

The only complaint I have with some of Dannic’s vocal tracks are that he does not include vocals in the first break, only in the second. His track with Shermanology did include vocals in the initial break and thats why I believe it to be the superior track, Dannic’s best track.

Dyro went down his own path with his new label WOLV. Dannic on the other hand has stayed with Revealed and has stated that he has no plans to branch out with a label of his own. Dannic did have a taste of label management when he released his own hand picked EP with tracks from Tom & Jame, Flatdisk & Mydo. It would be good to see Dannic branch out with his own venture and be more independent, we may see that in the future as I believe Dannic will not stay at Revealed forever.

Dannic has the passion and the determination to make it into the top 20 DJ’s in the 2015 DJMAG competition. Although a highly positive thing that comes from Dannic is that he doesn’t truly care as much as other DJ’s. Of course the DJMAG TOP 100 has great marketing potential,  but he just cares about the important things to him such as being able to produce and perform great music.

Anyway, I do believe you should still vote for him as he does deserve a vote a lot more then some other DJ’s, who will remain unnamed. Dannic does produce his own music and hasn’t used money to get to where he is today. Therefore Dannic is a true DJ/Producer and deserves a serious spot this year’s runnings.

You can vote for Dannic and your favourite DJ’s HERE

And you can listen to Dannic’s amazing tracks below


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