Alesso has hit the nail on the head with this one, beautiful melodies with rich vocals span the entirety of this album. With hits such as ‘If I Lose Myself’, ‘Under Control’, ‘Cool’ and ‘Heroes’ included, you know this will be an amazing album and it really is. There are many radio friendly tracks which appeal to the larger demographic but Alesso still stays true to the real fans with ID’s that he’s been playing for over two years such as ‘In My Blood’ which is a personal favourite.

Many other high-profile producers have released albums in the past year such as Hardwell & Zedd and their albums don’t compare to Alesso’s. With other DJ albums I’ve found myself skipping songs to find the highlights of their album, ‘Forever’ on the other hand doesn’t have many songs that I skip. I can just press play and embrace the whole of the album. The deluxe version of ‘Forever’ includes the slow version of ‘Cool’ as well as ‘Gillionaire’ – Alesso’s rework of his classic track ‘Nillionaire’ released back in 2011, it’s surprising to see it not included in the normal version of the album as there was a high demand for that track in the community.

In conclusion, Alesso has released what other DJ/Producers failed to achieve, a high quality album that doesn’t have you skipping every second track. Forever is really worth the money so I recommend you have a listen.

You can purchase Alesso Forever on iTunes HERE.


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